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Fundación Artística Infantil y Juvenil

Fundación Sondeluz

We are a Social Foundation

Community with us

We show these experiences to invite other children and young people to believe in their dreams and to be part of our experiences with happiness and love.

Therefore, you do more dancing with Lightsong.

For each class you take at Sondeluz, you are supporting the children, youth and adults of vulnerable populations in Cali to fulfill their dreams.

Fundación Artística Infantil

Sondeluz is a family with more than 130 children, youth and adults living in TIOS sectors (territories of inclusion and social opportunity), such as: Terrón Colorado, Meléndez, Siloé, La Sirena, Marroquín, El Morichal, El Vallado, Comuneros, Polvorines, Desepaz, among others, which live, breathe and perspire sauce.

The process has been beautiful and we have managed to participate in emblematic events of our city such as the Salsodromo, the World Salsa Festival and also some international ones, such as the World Salsa Open of Puerto Rico, Zurich Salsa Congress, World Vision, Chicago Salsa Congress and World Salsa Federation, among others.

We are convinced that with art, we create good human beings


At the Sondeluz Foundation, we are beings of Light, where we promote “STOP RINGING THE BULLETS AND LET THE SALSA BEGIN”; Resignifying the lives of children, youth and adults from vulnerable populations, giving them a way of life through art and culture, making dance a profession that takes them from being a person simply Caleña, to a being that proudly represents our country, “Colombia at the international level with our cultural heritage, such as” La Salsa Caleña “, making them world champions.

Fundación Artística